Building a Neu generation of remarkable businesses

Cam created Neu Ventures to share his playbook with founders who are ready to take on the world. With Neu Ventures Cam brings his wealth of industry experience, insatiable dedication to valuable innovation and his extensive network of bloody good people.

A fierce advocate for your success

With Neu Ventures and Cam, founders have access to the investment, insights, resources, mentorship and networks that only decades in the industry can provide. Not only a trusted business ally but a fierce advocate for your success.

Cam founded Neu Ventures in 2022 as an accelerator platform to support fellow founders, builders, innovators and entrepreneurs. It takes more than financial investment alone for a business to change the world. Strategic input, talent acquisition, world-class operational execution are all a part of the bigger picture that is so often overlooked or offered in hard to find fragments.

Cam has over 12 years of experience in the eCommerce space working closely with the Shopify merchants and app developers. As CEO of TradeGecko, Cam built and led the business from idea to startup, to scale and eventual acquisition by Intuit (a US-based global tech MNC) in Sep 2020 for USD$100M.

Our Approach

Buy, build, and scale remarkable technology companies at pace. Our experience has refined our intuition meaning we make smart choices quickly and often.

Action Orientated

Ideas are important, but execution reigns.

Intellectual Curious

Deep interest means finding problems worth solving and knowing how to deliver.

Create Magic

From instinct, to idea, to MVP, to scaling up - what’s more magical?

Build the World

Technology that reimagines the way we live, for the better.

Live from Joy

Business is hard, but it can (and should) be a whole lot of fun too.

Easy? No. Worth it? Definitely

It’s the meaningful projects that deserve commitment when times are tough.