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Neu Ventures is growing, we are building the teams who are building the future. Our teams are aggressively opportunistic and irresistibly smart. We want to solve important problems and encourage better entrepreneurship, do you?

Our Focus

We focus on funding and founding the future of multigenerational technology companies to build the world we want to live in. If you’re ready for a new chapter and to find your place in the ever-evolving ecosystem of technology entrepreneurship we want to hear from you.

Widespread adoption

We believe that widespread adoption of disruptive innovations is only possible at scale when entrepreneurs have access to near unlimited resources, unrivalled business discipline and unwavering support.


We pair innovation with talent in wildly impactful ways to fix hard to solve problems. We focus on launching three new companies a year, and we work quickly. We explore the scope of 20-30 companies annually which allows us to hand-select those we know we can rapidly refine and scale.


Our operations span Asia, North America, the Pacific and beyond. We are creating new opportunities with every interaction. For us, investment in talent is as important as investment in ideas.

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We integrate our expertise in rapid scaling of technology companies with founders long-term visions.

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